Samarth (pronounced 'sum-earth') means capable and reliable. The one you can trust to provide worry free solution.

Samarth Technologies provides 'Samarth' solutions and services to customers in Information and Business Process Management area.

Information Management

Information Management helps deliver any data that is integrated, accurate, and timely across the enterprise. Information Management, can provide trusted data for initiatives like business transaction processing, business intelligence, data warehousing, data migration, or master data management.

Samarth provides services for organizing, processing, retrieving and managing enterprise information including Enterprise Content Management

Business Process Management

A business process is a collection of related and structured activities that produce a service or product for internal or external customers of an organization. It includes both technology and people. It integrates human-driven processes in which human interaction takes place in series or parallel with the mechanistic processes such as Workflow systems.

Samarth provides services for designing, modeling, rules harvesting and monitoring business process management solution in an organization