Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

There has been explosive growth in enterprise content in various forms like paper, web, wireless and other digital assets. This creates business challenges across all industries. Some of the challenges of managing enterprise content are:

  • Finding the right information is too difficult
  • Sharing the right information with partners and leveraging it
  • Too much time spent on managing the information. No ROI

May reasons for such challenges exist viz.:

  • Too many websites and information is widely dispersed.
  • Information is there but not accessible
  • Business is complex and it takes forever to get new people up to speed
  • High turnover in key areas and critical knowledge is walking out the door

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) addresses these challenges. Content management systems provide business users with rapid access to the information and services they need to help them do their jobs more efficiently, make better-informed business decisions and enable their organizations to become smarter, thus more competitive.

Samarth offers solutions for different aspects of content management, including Document management, Web Content Management, Records Management and Enterprise Content Integration.

Enterprise Content Management Services

  • Consulting
  • Integration
  • Migration
  • Implementation
  • Project Management

Technologies and Skills

  • Alfresco
  • Liferay
  • Java / J2EE
  • Open Source Frameworks
  • FileNet